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Tips for eating and enjoying your way through this festive season – guilt-free 2

Ho ho ho! The festive season is well and truly underway – time to treat yo’elf. Obviously, no festive celebration is complete without an array of scrumptious snacks…which is exactly the way it should be! We know that for some, such indulgences can be followed by that pesky, good-for-nothing, unwelcome feeling they call guilt (ew, go away). So, allow us to shed some light on how and why you CAN indulge this season – guilt-free – whilst keeping your health in-check.

Soak up the glorious summer fruits

There’s no better time of year for an array of amazing, juicy stone-fruits that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Try to incorporate these fruits in your Christmas cooking so you’re getting some vital nutrients (and vital indulgence) at the same time! Add mangoes to your salads…make a rainbow fruit platter…put heaps of fruit on top of that (obviously) mandatory Christmas pavlova!

Start your day with a healthy breakfast!

Ah, behold: the most important meal of the day (yes, the rumours are true). Start the day right with a nutritious breakfast to ensure you’re getting some good nutrients in before you embrace the day’s festivities. Reach for something like wholemeal toast with avo and eggs, a brekky smoothie with fruit and oats, some granola and chia seeds with Greek yoghurt!

Plan and prepare

Shopping lists are your friend…to avoid over-stocking of snacks and treats that you don’t actually need! Plan some healthy meals in and around your festive events to ensure those nutrients don’t go astray. Meal-prep some lunches and dinners for those extra busy event-packed weeks, or order and stock you freezer with some DCE meals to have on hand:… This way you can be well satisfied after a long night of celebrating.

Get into the Christmas “spirits”…intuitively! 

We all know there’s nothing quite like a cold alcoholic beverage on a scorcher Christmas Day…or popping a bottle with friends at the work Christmas event. Overloading on sugary, alcoholic drinks can certainly pack a punch. Stay healthy and hydrated by drinking lots of water (more on especially hot days), and alternating drinks with a glass of water. A great way to enjoy your beverages is to swap out sugary mixers for some sparkling water with fresh fruits and mint.

Bring on the veg!

In some ways, the side dishes on Christmas dinner can be even more exciting than the ham or turkey. Incorporate vibrant salads with an array of your favourite veggies, maple-glazed pumpkins, rosemary potatoes, honey sprouts and carrots. Your favourite veggies made festive!

Keep active (but make it fun!)

Try new and fun ways to maintain a good energy output – by dancing the night away, going for walks with friends, swimming at the beach or organizing outdoor games with friends and family. Whatever tickles your fancy really…your body and mind will love you for it (almost as much as it will love the Christmas pudding and champagne…).

Savour every bite!

Relax and ENJOY every bit of your favourite foods this festive season. Eat slowly, appreciate every delicious mouthful for it represents a happy time of the year with family and friends. Remember, indulging for a few weeks WILL NOT negatively affect your health. Laugh, go back for seconds, relish in this wonderful time of the year as it only comes around once!


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