Our Story - Deliciously Clean Eats Fresh Food Delivery
Our Story - Fresh Food Delivery 1

Our goal is to create convenience, with  fresh food delivery to help you overcome barriers and support your journey in living a healthy lifestyle.

Our meals are nutritionally balanced and incorporate a wide variety of flavoursome wholefoods.

Our Story

It was a common passion for wellness and exercise that drew twins Emma and Sarah to Meagan; the powerful threesome who make up Deliciously Clean Eats. A conversation in the CrossFit gym would seem like an unlikely place to spark a business idea, but for these three it was where Deliciously Clean Eats was born.

As a busy mum of three, Meagan had been playing around with the idea of creating pre-packaged meals as an extension of her catering business, which she was running as a side hustle at the time. Meanwhile, dietitians, Sarah and Emma were looking for ways to steer away from the clinical route and instead weave their nutrition and health expertise into a more purposeful outlet like the food services industry.

So when the conversation started flowing – somewhere between burpees and olympic weight lifting – it didn’t take long for them to come up with the idea of creating convenient, dietitian-led pre-packaged food delivery service that would cater for those wanting a handy and healthy eating solution on the go.

Operating from its commercial kitchen on the Sunshine Coast, Deliciously Clean Eats is now one of the most iconic pre-packaged fresh food delivery providers in South East Queensland, catering to busy executives, everyday families, Home Care Package (HCP) customers, students, elderly plus major sporting and corporate events throughout the region.

Our Story - Fresh Food Delivery 2

Meet the Team

Meagan Kellert

Culinary mastermind, intrepid traveller, crossfit enthusiast & mum of three boys.

Meagan’s love-affair with food began decades ago and as a self-confessed travel addict, her wanderlust has inspired many of the cuisines that now feature in the DCE menu. As a business co-owner and busy mum of three, Meagan’s gastronomic skills were almost launched onto the big screen when she was shortlisted through to the final rounds of one of TV’s biggest reality cooking shows.

In the wake of that she set up her catering business and launched her own recipe eBook. A chance conversation with two twins helped take her meals from the web to tables all around the country.

Meaghan Kellert

"I want people to know you can eat healthy but it can taste amazing. . To come in the door at six pm and pull our meals from the fridge knowing that it’s healthy, fresh and wholesome is an absolute lifesaver.; My kids eat the majority of the meals on our menu with many of them having been tested on them over the years as I’ve 'health-a-fied' them. I would love this to become an everyday convenience for families; no longer having to go through a drive-thru but knowing there is wholesome, healthy and tasty meals conveniently located in the fridge at home. That would be epic."

Sarah Hayes

Dietitian, CrossFit enthusiast, avid wellness adviser.

Born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, Sarah studied her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at USC before working for a clinic that specialised in aged care and chronic disease. Before long she set up a consulting business on the side with her sister Emma where they consulted to gyms, CrossFit affiliates and provided group education workshops.

It wasn’t long before Sarah found her true calling; being able utilise Deliciously Clean Eats meals and catering to advocate the benefits of nutrition, health, diet and wellbeing across the region. For her, creating convenience through Deliciously Clean Eats means she can reach the masses.

Our Story - Fresh Food Delivery 3

“It’s about creating convenience by eating healthfully, and showing people you can achieve balance and live a healthy lifestyle without it being boring. It’s cool we can make an impact on other people's lives through providing nutritious meals. It can be part of the health journey for many and DCE can provide a platform to help that process where it’s healthy and portion controlled.”

Emma Hayes

Dietitian, coffee addict, breakfast-loving pun provider.

As a dietitian Emma’s interest in food began when she travelled to the US in her gap year. Adopting to the American way of life, she found herself eating out a lot, sampling lots of different convenience foods from different parts of the US.

After she came home, she discovered a love for CrossFit and the wellness community it attracted. As a dietitian who believes all good food should be complemented with good company; the chance to create a wholesome food-based business that attracts like-minded people was highly appealing.

Our Story - Fresh Food Delivery 4

"The idea for Deliciously Clean Eats was to create good healthy food that overcomes the stigma that healthy food tastes bad. It was also about making it easy for people to access that food but also educating people about portion sizes and meal ideas. We find a lot of people try to mimic our food and recipes but it ultimately creates a convenience when you can order it and have it delivered.”

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