A day at Deliciously Clean Eats HQ through the eyes of Bond University Students - Deliciously Clean Eats
A day at Deliciously Clean Eats HQ through the eyes of Bond University Students 6

Hi Deliciously Clean Eats community! Let us introduce ourselves, we are university students all the way from the Sunshine Coast’s more chaotic little sister – the Gold Coast.

We are currently finishing up our studies at Bond University and getting ready to become Accredited Practicing Dietitians. Our main goal is to support and enable everyone everywhere to have access to safe, nourishing and delicious food.

During March we left our textbooks and laptops behind and headed on a one-week trip to the Sunshine Coast and K’Gari Island. We were lucky enough to spend the morning at Deliciously Clean Eats warehouse in Caloundra and meet Emma, Sarah, Meagan and chef Kate! It was inspiring to see hands on, the incredible business that these savvy chicks have built from a love of healthy, delicious foods.

As part of our job as dietitians, we are often given the task of improving the nutritional value of meals and advising people on how to tailor their food intake to promote health. Part of what we experienced at Deliciously Clean Eats was the incredible lengths they go to in making sure their meals are nutritionally balanced and packed with wholesome ingredients.

Being in the fast-paced kitchen was a terrific learning experience. Some of us were peeling and chopping veggies, a few were tubbing delicious sauces. Myself and two others were having a competition to see who could roll the most precise turkey mince patty’s! Through helping out with the meal prep, it was clear the girls have used their nutrition and dietetics expertise to create well-thought through, wholesome recipes. It really is a home-made meal experience, created for you.

A day at Deliciously Clean Eats HQ through the eyes of Bond University Students 7            A day at Deliciously Clean Eats HQ through the eyes of Bond University Students 8

Each meal has a good serve of vegetables with plenty of colour, so you know you’re getting enough micro nutrients. A common area dietitians help our community members with is trying to get enough veg in to meet the recommended serves of five a day. The meals also have balanced serve of protein, like the Turkey Patty in the Naked Turkey & Cranberry Burger Bowl featured on this weeks menu along with healthy carbohydrate sources. The meals are all tied together with delicious flavour from sauces and herbs. The Chicken Cacciatore sauce is a flavour sensation with the combination of fresh tomatoes and a hint of saltiness from the infusion of olives.

As university student’s about to begin our careers, it can be daunting to know what path to take, what opportunities to seek and how to know where to start. What we loved about Meagan, Emma and Sarah’s journey is that they followed their passions and backed themselves. It can be scary starting out and to have the confidence to take leaps and say YES to adventures! But what our morning hustle in the kitchen showed us is that ultimately with hard work, a shared vision, skill and of course a few mates, dreams can become a reality.

We are super thankful to the team at Deliciously Clean Eats for letting us visit and practice our food service skills. We have written a series of three blog posts that will be upcoming which we hope provide some useful info for the community and shed some light on the tricky questions of nutrition. The areas that will be covered include Carbohydrates, Protein and Vitamin D.

Enjoy & thanks for reading!

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