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The lowdown on home grown, fresh herbs, because taste matters 8

Did you know we grow our own herbs at DCE HQ?

Our cook Kate takes a lot of pride in the finer details of Deliciously Clean Eats (DCE) meal production. It is these small touches that make our food different from other pre-packaged meal services. 

Kate created this herb garden which she maintains like a boss plant mum. Our neighbour Gary also tends to them on the daily.  Let’s face it, the 3 of us aren’t the greatest plant mum’s. A contra deal of freshly baked muffins and loaded sausage rolls has been created, how could you say no to that!

Whole food flavour vs added flavour/flavour enhancers; the downlow…

It’s our business endeavor to produce meals that are healthy, flavoursome and balanced. We use a combination of herbs and spices to flavour marinades and sauces rather than relying on added flavour enhancers or high fat alternatives. As humans, we generally eat and enjoy food that tastes good, am I right? Taste is a very important aspect of the sensory response to food; how the meal makes you feel and how satisfied you are.

If you eat a meal that does not taste good, chances are you won’t eat it again. Therefore, added flavours, flavour enhancers and mineral salts are used by the food industry to achieve a desirable flavour and get the consumers tick of approval to ensure the products are re-purchased. How do these enhancers actually work? Put simply, they are a tasteless molecule added to food/a meal to generate additional taste or smell sensations.

Although these additives and flavour enhancers are safe to consume, they are the sneaky culprit that some people are sensitive too. Digestive, skin & respiratory issues are a few concerns that  people may experience.

Balance is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and if you are not intolerant to something there is no harm in including it in your diet in moderation. But, using a combination of wholefoods to create  delicious flavours provides a meal experience that is both wholesome and satisfying. 

Because taste matters, what herbs do we grow and how are they incorporated into DCE meals?

All meals are garnished to add that extra home-made feel. In most Asian dishes we use chilli and coriander as garnish. Our chilli and coriander plants thrive and provide us with an abundance of produce every week.

The lowdown on home grown, fresh herbs, because taste matters 9

Another thriving herb is basil. Basil is used to flavour many Italian dishes produced on the DCE menu each week. It forms the base of our ‘special basil sauce’ used in our Pesto Chicken Gnocchi featured on this week’s menu. Take a look here: 

Kate is also propagating a garlic plant. Garlic has an abundance of health benefits, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This week we are introducing a Naked Chicken Kiev to the menu; a traditional family favourite that will have everyone excited for dinner. Take a look here: 

Garlic and Thyme Butter will be the star ingredient in the Naked Chicken Kiev. Thyme is another flourishing garden herb that we are excited to incorporate into this meal. It is delicious and can be used to flavour many dishes and side dishes, like home-made garlic bread. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a delicious garlic butter recipe.

Other herbs that fill the herb garden include coriander, dill, rosemary, italian parsley, chilli, mint, passionfruit and spring onions. 

The lowdown on home grown, fresh herbs, because taste matters 10 The lowdown on home grown, fresh herbs, because taste matters 11

We are excited to see this list grow. Being a local company, producing meals for local people, it is our priority is to create meals that are of great quality, full of flavour and nutritionally balanced.


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