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Ready to eat Deliciously Clean?

We’ve got a range of flexible and convenient ways to order!

Set your healthy eating on autopilot!

Let’s face it… the easier something is, the more you’ll stick to it. Our weekly subscription makes eating healthy set and forget.


Tell us how many meals you want and any dietary requirements, we’ll automatically deliver fresh and healthy meals from our pre-selected menu.

Recommended for:

Anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants the maximum in convenience to help you eat healthy.

Order what you want, when you want.

Visit our online store whenever you want, and order exactly what you want from our weekly rotating menu.

Recommended for:

People who want to choose their own meals and order when they need to. 

Stock up on your favourites!

Order a quick an easy pack of meals based on your needs, with no ongoing subscription. 

Recommended for:

People who want to include snacks, sweets or breakfast options but want the convenience of a single order.

Yes, we can cater your event!

Let us catering your event with healthy, fresh delicious food your guests will be raving about!

Recommended for:

Event organisers or planners looking to impress guests with healthy, fresh and delicious food.

Deliciously Clean Eats Gift Cards

Want to gift a friend with some credit for some delicious and healthy meals?


Get them a Deliciously Clean Eats Gift Card that can be used for any of our single meals, subscriptions or packages.

Recommended for:

Great present option for friends and family, or corporate gifts or rewards.

Individual nutrition consultations with registered dietitians

Here at Deliciously Clean Eats we have two onsite dietitians who can tailor a nutrition plan to your needs.

Recommended for:

People getting serious about their health and nutrition, athletes and fitness fanatics that want to optimise their health.

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