Here at Deliciously Clean Eats we have two onsite Dietitians. As well as developing each meal to be nutritionally balanced, our dietitians are also hands on in the kitchen and partake in the meal preparation, cooking, packaging and delivery phases of our service.

Our Dietitians are now available for individual nutrition consultations both one on one and online. We are excited about this service to provide our customers with nutrition guidance outside of the meals we provide.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

$120Consultation Only
  • This involves a one on one consultation in person or online.

Initial Nutrition Consultation + Meal Plan

  • This includes a nutrition consultation one on one or online with an individualised meal plan provided.

Review Consultation

  • This involves a follow-up from the initial consultation where you will review how you are going with the strategies put in place at the initial consultation.

Lifestyle Package

  • This is an all inclusive package where you will receive a six pack of meals plus free delivery and a nutrition consultation.

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